Demons Will Bring Us Together

by Proteque

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With this album I wanted to tell a very specific story through the feelings the soundtracks (hopefully) creates. In other words I had more focus on the artistic part of the soundtracks than on the presentation. I still hope you manage to enjoy this though.

An interesting thing (for me) is that this time I have totally changed the way I work. Using only modern tools like ipad and laptop. I must say I miss fooling around with the tape recorder but this is way more effective in a already full schema. I doubt this have any effect on the production though as I have tried to create the same sound and feel as my earlier productions.

Sit down, close your eyes and let me bring you on a journey.


released April 28, 2013

Music composing: Gjøran Sæther (Proteque)
Music performance: Gjøran Sæther (Proteque)
Production: Gjøran Sæther (Proteque)
Cover Photo: Markus Ranum
Cover Layout: Gjøran Sæther




Proteque Norway

Industrial one man group that has its roots in the demoscene subculture.

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